Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About the Campaign’s Impact on Our Catholic Community

What is One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ?
One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ is an Archdiocesan-wide capital campaign that will devote significant resources to strengthening our parishes and parish schools, growing vibrant communities of joyful discipleship, stewarding our community resources and caring for retired priests and the elderly.

The campaign will be conducted in every parish throughout the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. In addition, Archbishop Naumann will conduct a Leadership Gift Phase of solicitations.

Why do we need a major fundraising campaign?
There are extraordinary needs in the Archdiocese that can only be met through an extraordinary fundraising initiative that unites and serves all of the Catholics in Northeast Kansas. Archbishop Naumann has brought to the forefront key areas that require major funding which we seek to address during his tenure, including important parish initiatives, assisting consolidated parishes, promoting a culture of evangelization, caring for retired priests and the elderly, and long overdue updates to Savior Pastoral Center. These are needs that go beyond the scope of the annual Archbishop’s Call to Share.
Will the One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ campaign continue in light of COVID-19?

Yes, the One Faith campaign will continue through the end of 2020. 

Many of our faithful across the Archdiocese have already contributed generously to help us realize our vision for the future.  As these faithful have been called to participate, it is also important that we ask all our parishioners in Block Three to prayerfully consider their support and bring our One Faith campaign to its conclusion.

Who will be asked to support the One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ campaign?
Each Catholic family in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas will be asked to consider making a gift to One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ. This campaign is being conducted in a phased approach so that each member is reached in the appropriate time and manner. While not all members will be able to give at the same level, each will be asked to make a sacrificial commitment.
What is the time frame of the campaign?

All parishes will conduct their campaigns as part of a “block” of parishes between July 2018 and June 2020: The first group of parishes (Block One) launched the campaign in July of 2018; the second group of parishes (Block Two) launched the campaign in January of 2019; while some of the third group of parishes (Block Three) launched their campaigns in late 2019, others were launched in March, after Archbishop’s Call to Share, and immediately before COVID-19 resulted in the suspension of Mass. These Block Three parishes will be extending their campaigns through December 2020 to allow additional time for everyone to be invited to join in support of the One Faith campaign.  

Who is conducting the campaign?
The pastor, assigned parish campaign director, and a core group of parish volunteers will lead and coordinate the implementation of the campaign plan. Every parish will receive assistance from the Archdiocesan campaign office staff. Full-time campaign directors will assist parishes on an ongoing basis.
Will the Archbishop’s Call to Share continue?
Yes. The Archbishop’s Call to Share is vital to continue funding the day-to-day work of the ministries of the Archdiocese. Just as a parish would not stop offertory during a parish campaign, the Archdiocese must continue its annual appeal.
How will the campaign affect parish offertory collection?
Parishes rely on their offertories. Throughout the campaign, pastors will ask parishioners to make commitments above and beyond regular giving. Parishioners are asked not to diminish giving to the offertory or the Archbishop’s Call to Share, but rather to consider an increased commitment to the Church. Parishioners are encouraged to continue to embrace stewardship as a way of life.
How will parish targets be set?
Each parish target will be set at 1.2 times the average ordinary income from the years 2015-2017. 50% of annual school subsidies will be deducted from the target for tithing parishes.
How will my parish benefit from the campaign?
Each parish will receive 25% of the funds that are collected from its parishioners up to the parish target. These funds are to be allocated to needs outlined in its parish case for support. Parishes that exceed their target will receive 50% of the funds collected above their target. Funds collected will be dispersed every six months. In addition, support of our priests and evangelization efforts will greatly benefit every Catholic family.
How much should we give?
Genuine stewardship encourages gifts of equal sacrifice, but not gifts of an equal dollar amount. Ultimately, your thoughtful and prayerful decision will be most appropriate and most appreciated.
Over what period of time are gift commitments payable?
Donors are encouraged to make their gift commitment payable for up to a three-to five-year period.
Are gifts to the campaign tax deductible?
Yes. The Archdiocese is a 501(c)3 organization. Pledge payments are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law
What methods of payment will be available?

A donor may fulfill a pledge using a credit card, debit card, or automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Donors simply provide their account information and their authorization on their personalized pledge card.  Gifts can also be made online.  

Why are donors asked to complete a gift commitment card?
Gift commitment cards aid in appropriately recording and acknowledging gift intentions, and in providing donors with a reminder of subsequent payments according to the schedule they request. Donors are asked to sign the gift commitment card, indicating that they have authorized the terms of the gift indicated on the card. A gift commitment card is not a legally binding document.
Can donors make gifts of stock or other non-cash gifts?

The campaign accepts gifts of stock, grain, and other non-liquid assets, including real estate.

Donors who are considering a non-cash gift, a gift from a donor advised fund, or an estate gift should contact the Campaign Office at the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas by calling 913.647.3061 for more details.

Where can I mail a gift to the campaign?
Gifts to the campaign can be mailed to:

One Faith Campaign
Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
P.O. Box 9140
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-9140

Who should donors make checks payable to?
All contributions should be made payable to Faith Family Future Campaign.
How are the campaign expenses being paid?
The costs of the campaign are being paid from the Archdiocesan share of the funds collected.