Aerial view of newly installed pews at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Lansing

Parishioners at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Lansing are already enjoying the fruits of their labor. Funds raised through the campaign were used to install new pews as seen above in this beautiful areal shot.

Not far from Lansing, Sacred Heart-St. Casimir parish in Leavenworth has been busy utilizing their 25% of funds raised for:
• A new sound system installation at Sacred Heart;
• A furnace installation and roof peaks repairs on the house that sits next to St. Casimir Church;
• A remodeling of the laundry room in the parish rectory, which is nearing completion.

These things would not be possible without the enthusiastic and generous participation of so many families across our Archdiocese. We know that many parishes and families are facing a variety of challenges, but those who are able to make additional sacrifices to the church will directly see the impact of their generosity.